Sunday, April 7, 2013

What can you learn about a man by what he eats

"Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are." Everyone knows that, like most of us are accustomed to say, ridiculous formula has a recognizable natural nutrition Association expert Noriko Kuriyama, for many years, as we are constantly talking, by looking at the plates of consumers. Imagine the one fact that in her view, in the form of food habits affect not only to health and life. furror It should be noted that harmonization with the meal, which the people finally give preference, you can select a 6, as we always say, the main types.

You will be able to eat vegetables? Then you must be furious energy, and you make a furrorov Prof. Everyone knows what a fan, as most of us ever said hot of carrots and other vegetables more often just before the skupen knowing and ambitious. Imagine the one fact about his diligence and conscientiousness usually do not, generally, go unnoticed. Indeed, in everyday life is a man of peace, seeking harmonious partnership and dorožaŝij their health. Everyone knows that, but he should watch out, as most of us are accustomed to say, excess consumption of salt is a common error ovoŝeedov,-because it is, to put it mildly, has stomach problems and dilemmas they.

You prefer fruits? Pineapple or mango is their sweet piece is key, as everyone says, happy life. It is not a secret that fans like to be brought up, fruit crops just get friends, the word most careful and insightful. Few people know that the word "competition" is alien to them, because they don't want to just make a career and choose those professions which can demonstrate their creativity. Everyone knows what the truth is, for lack of ambition they can finally look careless. Indeed, men, like most of us ever said such kind of reticent in manifestation of emotions (ladies, take note and be with them more).

Fans are brought up, juicy steak, say so in your main behave impulsively, for their share of ups and downs. Indeed, although they often reach furrora, im not constantly just cannot turn finally to implement their ideas and plans. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that they are invariable and in partnership, but, if they do manage to finally learn how to correctly take the criticism, "is their lifeline. Note that meat-eaters are most prone to various diseases, particularly gastrointestinal and vascular. It is also possible that and, of course, did they finally take on 1 St beat in the fight with obesity.

"Fish soul" is a fan of flounder and oysters — varies between calm and vsepostoânstvom. Imagine the one fact that neutrality is brings him respect of colleagues and friends. It must be emphasized that the way we manifest ourselves, such person may be relaxed so as to lean against, home life. Everyone knows that but he would not, as everyone says, greater openness, because he usually occasionally finally gives his current worldview about other people or dealings with them that does harm to himself at first.

«Ostroognennye», finally, can very generally, what affect your temper. All have long known that the Fiery pepper walked so tell them produces burning character. Few people know what to say so as to satisfy all say bušuûŝuû in their quest for adventure, they should say so to find its proper work, if not, how we express ourselves, pirate or naval test pilot, then at least with the opportunity, as we are constantly talking to visitors, zagrankomandirovok. All have long known that naturally imagine that in love they are veterans. It goes without saying-the bol′šennyj of a minor bug — selfishness, because "pepper" temper does not, therefore, accept objections. It would be bad if we hadn't noted that as vegetarians, they should consume less salt to avoid certain diseases.

Fans like to be brought up, fatty meal is surprisingly fast and agile; at work they are considered loners, quite often they succeed, so then, climb up to the top of their own, as everyone says, Prof. I'd like to point out that in particular they are skillful in flirting is occasionally as people used to be expressed, to succeed, to put it mildly, to resist such attraction. It must be stressed that they can recommend to be slightly taktičnee, excessive openness unintentionally from time to time, in the end, hurts the interlocutor.

In General, listening to the view of Noriko Kuriâmy, themselves try to observe the contents of the plates and temper the people around you. It is not a secret, that naturally, do it tactfully, Oriental.

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