Friday, April 12, 2013

Thinking out loud

1. as the moron

It is better to say "Yes", than to sit and watch as people are bit saggy without you.

Pour, nod and listen is a conversation.

Don't be lazy. There are also goals that do not inspire.

-Of course, I can agree with you, but then we both will be wrong!

The clerk became the focus of a sexual scandal. Then on the left. Then he turned on his stomach.

Loneliness is when you watch porn with sound.

In a survey of the family holiday is the day of the AIRBORNE TROOPS. On this day, the whole family is better to sit at home and watch TV.

Well, where we do not have. If you do not believe, can come.

Do not aim for the money. Wealth is not outside, but inside you. For example, a bud.

— I like this mod is endemic to the girl from under jeans necessarily visible panty elastic band. Convenient access.
Ottânul, let go, the elastic band — slap! There is already a topic for conversation ...

-Sometimes it seems to me that you're a crackpot.
-Yes, sometimes. The rest of the time I don't have this no doubt.

Life is too short to worry about what people think or say about you people. So live like you want-give them a topic of conversation.

You know, you boltaeš′ in my dreams ....You and them in the morning boltaeš′

-Daddy, buy me a little Doggie!
Mr. paaap, well at least čihuahuënyša!

I lead a healthy life because of an unhealthy I have not enough money

The husband drank eight consecutive days, while the wife is not reckoned to tear off a calendar on Friday.

Little Ellen bathes with his brother in the bath.
-Mom, and why I do not have such things between their legs?
Is my daughter, patience, patience ...

Mur-Mur-Mur ... Ko-Tik ...
— Nay ...thy mat′, w.. do you ever get sick or not will golova?!

Last night I realized that anyone needs. I need a mosquito

xxx: your man you said ' I love you ' Before or after sex?
yyy: for ((:(

Many girls, going on a date, they are tormenting question: where to? COME BYE!!!

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