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Recipes with broccoli

Recipes with broccoli

Do you like broccoli, but don't know what it will cook? Then this article is for you. After reading it, you will learn how to make a broccoli salad, appetizer with broccoli and potatoes with broccoli, it is not difficult, and very tasty.

We apply in broccoli inflorescences. Cabbage is very tender, as a consequence, it does not Digest. You can not cook in boiling water, and Blanch enough. Use cabbage in soups, salads, stuffings, sauces and zapekankah.

Broccoli with Chile.


Broccoli 450 g;

Two tablespoons of olive oil;

Two garlic cloves;

Red Chile, dried, ground and without seeds (two pieces);

Salt to taste.

You must take the whole head, cut the large branches into two halves lengthwise. Boil it with salt in boiling water for two minutes. Empty, rinse cabbage. Heat oil in a wide frying pan, lay out the Chile and garlic, four minutes ignited. Then a little broccoli, cover tight in butter and reduce heat. Add half a cup of water, salt and cover with a lid. Simmer 20 minutes, flipping over three times, until cabbage is cooked. The liquid should be fully vykipet′. Cabbage is hot.

Salad with broccoli



Approximately 50 broccoli at 50;

Soy sauce;



Yogurt or mayonnaise;

1. broccoli and cauliflower cut in small pieces

2. chop onion

3. Mix

4. Make the sauce, mayonnaise or yogurt add a tiny bit of soy sauce, onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, dried herbs, salt. Put everything to taste.

5. Then this sauce to dress with the cabbage and stir again.

The salad is ready!!!

Appetizer with broccoli


Radishes three pieces

Cottage cheese with cream one cup;

Two pieces of carrots;

Spoon 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise;

Pepper, salt and cumin to taste;

400 grams of broccoli;

Peel the carrot, finely cut or rubbed. Mix mayonnaise with cream cheese in a mixer and whip. Add carrots, radishes, salt, pepper and cumin. All cool. From broccoli buds break. Carrot dish decorated with flowers of broccoli.

Mashed potatoes with broccoli


Four pieces of potatoes;

A pound of broccoli;

Two teaspoons of starch;

Half a teaspoon of mustard;

Cheddar cheese 250 g;

Red pepper;

Half a glass of beer.

Wash potatoes, cut skin on top and Bake 45 minutes. Cabbage, Cook for five minutes. In a skillet stir cornstarch, paprika, mustard, beer, boil and add the grated cheese. On the finished potatoes put broccoli and pour over the sauce, then place in a hot oven for 10 minutes.

Bring to the table.

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