Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recipe-potato pancakes with meat

Recipe: potato pancakes with meat

Let you not Belarusian, then you must be familiar with the name of the dish, like hash browns. The traditional dish popular throughout the territory of contemporary Belarus, but also abroad. Hash browns are cooked with meat, mushrooms, fish, and even caviar. Today we will learn how to Cook, several varieties of pancakes.
Potato pancakes with meat
Half a kilo of potatoes
One chicken egg
200 g pork meat
2 raw onions
100 grams flour
Salt, ground black pepper, khmeli-suneli to your taste
Pig fat for frying, you can substitute vegetable oil

How to prepare:
Properly cooked potato pancakes, potato pancakes, potatoes are the ones that used to be kept polished manually. Use of kitchen machines or electric grinder, will not give a wonderful taste, this is the main secret of cooking. In deep Bowl, rub your hands on fine grater, raw potatoes, add salt, egg drives at once, carefully mixing slowly add flour mixture should have a consistence of dense sour cream. Separate the onion cut into flesh, pork, add the spices and stir. Heat the pan with vegetable oil, in the middle of the Pan, arrange the potato mass in the Center, place the meat stuffing and potato mass, again closing the meat stuffing. FRY until fully cooked, potato pancakes with meat, shall have a golden color.

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