Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tasty recipes from the baking dough

Pastry is one of my favorite types of test, since from it you can make the most baked goods. Probably each of us remembers from his childhood delicious cake "Anthill" or quick sand cake filled with jam. "House of the Soviets" to share with you these delicious recipes sand cakes.
baking dough

Preparation of dough does not take much time, so get the love and acceptance of our housewives. It is important to remember that not long shortbread dough to knead, otherwise it will get you hard.And be sure to put it in the refrigerator at least an hour, what would it be insisted. "House of Soviets" in an article of pastry baking, cake "Anthill" quick sand cake recipe to share with you these delicious cakes.

Biscuits from dough probably loves every one of us. "House of the Soviets" to share with you recipes for a delicious pastry cookies. Try to cook biscuits from corn flour or coffee cookies with nuts and chocolate chunks. Rest assured cookies, prepared by our recipes will not leave indifferent neither you nor your loved ones."House of Soviets" in Article shortcrust pastry, recipes delicious shortbread teach you bake tasty cookies from dough.

Do you want to surprise your loved ones delicious pastries and do not spend much time on it? From the article shortcrust pastry recipes tasty bagels and cake with citrus stuffed pastry you can learn recipes of tasty bagels dough rolls, as well as how to prepare a delicious cake with citrus filling. Enjoy your meal!

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