Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Butter substitute for baking. Flavored butter

Council House, continues publication of fats Well, who of us does not like pastries straight from the tin? These, of course. There are not very many. Many housewives, will stand out if your free time, try to treat their children, husbands, or pies, or cookies.And of course, all housewives know that fats are one of the essential ingredients in the dough. The presence of oil in the dough helps splendor, elastic dough. And baking with oil stays fresh longer.
flavored butter

But, if you hold the post or if you decide to lose weight and do not want to gain extra calories. Or maybe just forgot to buy butter, and run to the store does not want to or do not have time to bake and need something. And then we can get help from other products: margarine, fruit, yogurt, starch, and even vegetables. Of fruit suitable apples, prunes, bananas. Vegetable marrows, pumpkins, potatoes.

Before connecting them with other ingredients, they should be very much grind in a food processor or blender to a puree consistency. Read more about this in the article Home Tips How to cook the dough without oil.Butter is very useful for our body. Oil mandatory product in children's menus in the menu pregnant woman. It is needed to strengthen the immune system. We must remember that all this can be a reasonable amount, as the oil - a source of cholesterol.

The benefits of oil, we talked, and here's how to make the oil more appetizing. The more so that kids do not particularly favor this product.For children of butter can be made perfect with fruit flavored oil. Adults - flavored oil with garlic, various herbs that you like the best, with various spices. It can manifest all your fantasy.A House of Soviets in the article How to cook flavorful butter will offer you some of these recipes.

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