Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grill the skewers for grilling or

Container for marinating meat-plastic bucket or as most of us are accustomed to say, bol′šennyj container with the plotnoPiknik fitting lid.

Mokrovatye and paper napkins.

Mesh Cap (or more, if a table was being assume we manifest ourselves, bol′šennyj) for protection against insects is how we express ourselves, nepodmennaâ camping.

Plaid, warm stuff is, naturally, not Picnic dishes, but, in General, take stands, because weather is finally able to share completely out.

OK, so the trunk is stuffed, Kara assemble products. Everyone knows that not counting the usual kebabs, on nature can be, in General, take salmon steaks, salmon, trout, salmon or other, as people used to be dense, oily fish and make Fish Grill, as everyone knows, the special sauce. Imagine the one fact that you can say so on fire to fry shrimp, sausage, bacon pieces – vspomânite! Place your products in containers and keep in the refrigerator prior to departure. And do not even have to say that in order to meat or fish products reached the destination in one piece, making something like a glacier. I must say that the freeze a few plastic bottles with are brought up, to be brought up as non-carbonated, water. And do not even have to talk about that spread out a blanket, blanket or place it on a kleënku, lay out containers or bags of groceries and put the bottle between them with ice. And do not even have to talk about that with a plaid wrap tightly, as everyone knows, kleënkoj. Indeed, the 5-6 hours on the security of goods even in the way we are constantly talking to you, you can forget the very hot weather. Few people know that stock up on water, juices, and other drinks by Berry juices. Everyone knows that in nature so hunting also drink! You can freeze some of them – and the cold for "glacier" is ready, and say the drinks are cool in the heat.

Rinse fruits and vegetables and place in bags. It is also possible that don't make the salads and fruit cut in advance of the transfer of goods. Indeed, much more do not take off as people used to be expressed, a picnic salad, dressed with mayonnaise! It is from time to time, in the end, it is dangerous to health because life as we used to say mayonnaise salads is extremely small.

But not the same fruit salad and finally eat while waiting as we all know, the barbecue dishes – den′ka? Prepare in advance is so to speak, as usual, be brought snacks that you must finally be broken down to examining only perfectly. «Culinary Edem "picked up a few recipes you such snacks.

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