Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thinking out loud

The man with the restaurant Stazione osteklenevšim eyes stared into the empty carafe. The waiter helpfully asks:
-Well, even pollitrovocku?
-Miss: I train through two hundred.

So tell me, if the husband cleans your nails with a screwdriver, you can call him retarded?
-Well, if only the Phillips screwdriver ...
-In! Another one!

Portrait photographer ebalo flunked.

-I heard you sometimes do have sex without a condom?
-Well Yes, it happens ...
-How are you one of the sperm that gets in you?
-Oh, yes it is time to spit!

Pirate got blue label.
Fits bocmanu and asks:
-What is It? I know that if I got a black tag, I will be killed, and that means blue?
-Well, you won't kill, but still no good.

Two hohla sit. One reads the book and lively says to another:
-Golopidrenko! Yak's surname-look chudna Einstein!

I'm in the mirrors in the morning does not otražaûs'. Terrible, lohmatoe creature with insane stare is reflected, and I'm not.

Recipe for youth: rejoice every little thing and don't be nervous because each bastards.

No higher, in fact, does nothing. You need to be born a Jew.

A strong will on the part of the person is the first symptom of schizophrenia.
If the individual himself mistreated a winter resort, with the morning charging and debilitating crosses, it is said that in his mind he who gives orders, and one who performs them — two independent personality.
I mean, my friends with holistic balanced characters usually say "yah" nafeek's and go drink beer.
© podoroges

Anna Semenovich in 7th grade had a solid four.

Truth need to file as a coat. Instead of throwing like a wet towel. Mark Twain

Question to the Forum: I noticed that on the hood of my silver Bentley reflected these ugly hrusëvki. How to get rid of this?

An independent woman is a woman who has not yet found it, she wanted to be.

In the quest for the ideal do not forget to live.
Lao Tzu

It is better to say "Yes", than to sit and watch as people are bit saggy without you.

Well, where we do not have. If you do not believe, can come.

Do not want money. Wealth is not from the outside, and inside. For example, a bud.

In Soviet washing machines only had one regime is totalitarian.

-People say that I'm too old-fashioned.
-Who, for example?
-My Castle in the Manor.

Eyes of fear and the hands to fasten their battery.

On foreign cars to commute those with money doesnt contain VAZ.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. When all think as one entity, it ends the war and concentration camps.

Russia continues to use children's hands with vylavlivanii pickles from jars.

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