Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The sbyče dream. Part 1.

We all dream about something, something we all want. Clear vision at different ages, different in both its substance and content.
My childhood was not rich šipko, no, I'm not starved, but all sorts of ništâki with parent putting themselves not always I can afford. No, well, ice cream by 14 cents, 3 cents for the bun, water from the machine, or even with syrup on tap, corn flakes and the like, well, it turns out up to 20 cents, I was quite expensive. But over those same 20 kopeks were already out of the dream feasible, though.
Remember we have a grocery stand, metal mesh containers with boxes of sweet straws. It was then, in my opinion, 54 cents, i.e. the price more than 2 times the 20-minute limit is worth a penny. And here I was looking at the sticks and thought: "grow up, go to work, the money will earn, and I myself always sticks to buy!". I grew up, work, money, and get the straws and Dick in me now not vperlas′, other dreams already mind boggling!
Yes, you need to be happy in my childhood wasn't much – bought a pack of jelly, stoch and loving it! A bottle of lemonade "Buratino" bought, sucked from the throat and happiness!
Even though childhood is divided into several stages.

Already at school more like some kind of thread girl feel and sweet straw already has moved to second place. Although then it was somehow detached. I remember someone from naryl patsanov znamo, where, pornofotografij, black and white, yet as we saw them! Then he every one or two still presented. But where are you compromising zahovaeš′ living in a 12-meter hruŝovke? I seem to recall, in a book zanykal and forgot what. Then how much nor turning the pages, photos and not found. You have to understand someone from their parents before me nalistal. From, probably, it was a surprise. Although, I don't think I thought likely to brother, but he was already in the army.
So, Yes, the girls then were purely hypothetical, but cool radio-controlled toys were real. As I remember, we have the store sold radio-controlled race car up for 24 rubles! The price is just not real! But what she was cool! And then that's her dream and boiled down!

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