Monday, April 8, 2013

Recipes: stuffed Pigeons from mnu

As someone totally out of the blue, perepali me two carcasses of pigeons. Drove me to their parents. Baťa, as he believes, is a keen pigeon fancier. From childhood he was fascinated by the breeding of pigeons, and gonâniem thereof on roofs. To be honest, it turns out he didn't really, don't chase, namely breeding. Can he not do so, the nurse can not give unfold, because in its understanding of the pampering is all, if animals do not use brings. However, it is all so true – if you use with what there is, is all the pampering and stupidity. As a child I watched most of children's movies, since they don't all watch them did not give, and durystika with the words "some" TV went wild, my opinion is clear, the peppers, no one asked. Here's the batinymi and passions about the same problem – "durystika is everything!". But Batya persists in trying to realize his dream of pigeons each time starts, so much so that now the conditions and there is a cottage!
To be honest, I was not at the cottage, because I don't know what he has for pigeons, but most likely some kind of "savages". Doubt he'd entered into open confrontation with the mamkoj to buy a "dutyšej", "čubatyh" or "peacocks". But everybody eats meat pigeon mamka, Batya, meat provides. Of course, it's not "Kinga" are almost the size of a chicken, but to any soup will fit.
Actually, the soup and they were given to me, but I'm not looking for easy ways!

I packed the carcass in a freezer and the recipe was looking for pigeons, so that is more attractive. Recipes with a great variety of applications not pigeons, so I settled on what I would be pigeon stuff.
In addition to the pigeons I needed white bread, egg, cinnamon, milk, butter, salt.

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